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KELYN Technologies provides trusted data backup and recovery solutions for demanding government and enterprise users.


Leading Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer

“In a short period of time, we were able to help the customer make a complex leap to the cloud, without adding unnecessary and expensive middleware, saving significant time and money.”

– Kevin Cronin, KELYN Technologies CEO

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In the vast sky of digital information, KELYN Technologies stands as your Air Traffic Control watchtower

Trusted Data Management

Just like a pilot and co-pilot safely navigating an aircraft, KELYN Pilots and Co-Pilot Programs serve an extension of your IT team. Guarded data protection means we help ensure your data from archive to on-prem and even multi-cloud is secure and always recovery-ready.

Robust Backup and Recovery

In emergencies, a well-planned protocol saves lives.

  • Active disaster planning = comprehensive data backup and the industry’s fastest data recovery.
  • Like an airplane’s black box, KELYN maintains vital information about your data that we analyze to improve performance and safety.

Data Resilience and Protection

Similar to how turbulence detection tools help pilots navigate unfavorable conditions, KELYN proactively monitors potential risks, ensuring smooth data flow of information, avoiding data loss or corruption.

Data Governance and Compliance

A comprehensive console is a panoramic view of your data, anywhere and everywhere. Knowing where every bit and byte of your data is and where it’s going is compliance peace of mind.


Satisfied Businesses Speak

Case Study

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA)

Discover how KELYN Technologies transformed MDA’s data protection and backup and recovery systems, achieving in 6 weeks what normally takes others up to a year, ensuring rapid and efficient data restorations in crucial defense scenarios… Read more

Missile Defense Agency (MDA)

Undeniable Expertise

KELYN knows Commvault!

Did you know KELYN has the top experts in Commvault, outside of Commvault itself. How? All KELYN Tech engineers and support staff proudly carry the badges of Commvault Certified Professional and Commvault Certified Engineer. Working with KELYN means you know you’re getting the highest level of data management expertise in the business.

Trusted Managed Solutions Partner

A Managed Solution Provider brings together industry-best technologies and ongoing management services that are tailored for your environment and evolves with you. From archived data to sensitive or classified data in transit, KELYN has you covered.

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Solutions & Ecosystem

  • > Hosted in AWS
  • > Powered by Commvault
  • > Supported by KELYN Experts

Built on Commvault’s award winning platform, resides in AWS to provide an option to have a fully managed Commvault environment in the cloud.

KELYN Engineers are your flight crew, with hands on the controls or ready to co-pilot your data flight plan. Our human Co-Pilots, not algorithms or auto-pilots, are seasoned professionals, certified and equipped with the industry-best data management tools like Commvault and AWS. Always prepared for turbulence, ensuring your data is stored and travels safely and on schedule. Whether you need a Captain to steer the complexities of multi-cloud, or a Co-Pilot to support and bolster your crew with expert design and implementation, we are your wingmen.


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