At KELYN Technologies, our commitment to community is part of our culture and an important part of who we are. Through our charity program, KELYN Cares, we have been privileged to support causes that touch hearts and create positive change. Our latest focus brings us closer to home, shining a light on an essential part of our community – the elderly. We’re proud to introduce you to the Aging Resources of Douglas County (ARDC).

Aging Resources of Douglas County: Aging with Grace and Independence

ARDC is more than just an organization; it’s a beacon of hope and support. Embodying their mission to “empower older adults to age with independence,” they operate with absolute integrity and grace, ensuring that the journey of aging isn’t traveled alone.

Services That Speak of Compassion

Understanding the intricacies of aging, ARDC provides an array o|f services tailored to the needs of our older community members. Their “Help at Home” program encompasses everything from light housekeeping, meal deliveries, and grocery shopping to more personalized services like friendly visits and even a “Phone Buddy.”

Transportation, often a challenge as one ages, is given keen focus. Whether it’s a trip to a medical appointment, visiting loved ones, or even attending a faith-based service, ARDC ensures that mobility isn’t a barrier to an enriching life.

But it’s not just about necessities. Through its Companion Program, ARDC understands the value of human connection. This initiative facilitates phone calls, card games, lunches out, movie nights, and so much more. It’s about celebrating life, every day.

Inclusion at its Best

A significant highlight is ARDC’s chore services. By partnering with local businesses, faith communities, and groups, they assist their members in tasks like raking, trimming, fence repair, and even deck painting. It’s a community effort that speaks volumes about inclusion and collective responsibility.

Diversity and inclusion are in the DNA of ARDC. Aging, a truly universal experience, has found a champion in ARDC, which values and respects the myriad life journeys of the elderly. Their commitment to ensuring every voice is “heard, valued, and respected” resonates deeply with us at KELYN Technologies.

Joining Hands with ARDC

Through KELYN Cares, we are elated to support ARDC in its noble endeavor. Its work underscores the belief that while technology connects devices, compassion connects souls. Join us in supporting ARDC as they make the golden years shine even brighter.

Thank you, ARDC, for reminding us all to age with independence and grace.