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Federal Subscription - Based Backup and Plan for Unparalleled Data Protection

Elevate Federal Data Security with KelynTech’s
Subscription-Based Backup

In the ever-changing dynamics of managing federal data, trust is of utmost importance.

Introducing KelynTech’s advanced Federal Subscription-Based Backup Plans—merging
cutting-edge technology with steadfast reliability. Enhance your agency’s data protection
strategy significantly, guaranteeing the security, protection and accessibility and constant
availability of your mission-critical information.

Secure, Protected Data: whenever, wherever.

Why Choose KelynTech as a Federal Partner

Mission-Driven Data Access

KelynTech empowers federal agencies to navigate the data landscape with simplicity, flexibility, and reliability. Drive your mission forward with data that’s accessible anytime, anywhere—be it in the battlefield, federal offices, at sea, or in space.

US-Owned, Managed, and Supported

Rest easy knowing your data is in the hands of a trusted partner. KelynTech is proudly US-owned, managed, and supported, offering a level of commitment and understanding that goes beyond industry standards.

Gartner® Ranked Highest in Ability to Execute

Experience the confidence that comes with choosing a solution recognized by Gartner® for its exceptional ability to execute.
KelynTech's commitment to excellence is reflected in customer satisfaction scores 3.5 times
above industry standards.

Powerful Solutions for Federal Missions

KelynTech's solutions are designed to address the unique challenges of federal missions. Manage risk, modernize data protection, drive hybrid cloud mobility, and defend against ransomware with our powerful and flexible platform.

Data Protection for Government Agencies: Federal IT management is now our Responsibility

  • Backup & Recovery: Protect and secure federal data with instant recovery options, eliminating downtime for your most critical assets.
  • Monitoring & Analytics: Maintain complete visibility with integrated monitoring, reporting, and capacity planning.
  • Cloud Mobility: Drive hybrid cloud mobility without the fear of vendor lock-in staying in control of your data.
  • Ransomware & Data Security: Defend against ransomware confidently with flexible and trusted immutable storage options.
  • Disaster Recovery Orchestration: Achieve seamless disaster recovery orchestration with scalability and near-zero RPO and RTO.
  • Data Reuse: Centralize data protection for all your workloads, including cloud, SaaS, virtual, Kubernetes, and physical environments.

Single Service Provider, All Workloads

KelynTech’s Federal Subscription-based Managed Services are your single, comprehensive solution for protecting, managing, and safeguarding your data, workloads, and mission-critical applications—regardless of where they reside.

Solutions for Federal Government:

Your single backup and data management platform for hybrid and multi-cloud environments, covering virtual, physical, cloud, and applications, including cloud-native protection for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.