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Amazing Customer Service

KELYN was started on the idea to build a company with highly skilled people that would offer the highest level of customer service and integrity to our clients.

Our mission is to provide the industries best customer service paired with our technology experts to fulfill your IT Solution needs.


We help clients find the best storage solutions for all their needs.


Data is worthless if it is not secure.  We provide solutions for securing the Enterprise and it’s Data.


Ransomware, hackers, zero day attacks & natural disaster take their toll.  Be prepared before disaster happens.


Data without context is worthless.  We provide tools that allow data to become an information asset.

Customer Feedback

Amazing Customer Service

What is Information Security – A Complete Guide

What Is Information Security (InfoSec)? In our current digital age, you can find almost anything with a click of a button or a stroke on a keyboard. With all kinds of information at your fingertips, though, it’s also easy for people to track your digital footprints...

KELYN Cares Spotlight: Freedom Service Dogs

At KELYN Technologies, community is important, and supporting organizations in our communities that make a real difference is woven into the fabric of who we are. Our KELYN Cares program takes pride in supporting initiatives that resonate with our values and bring...

Storage as a Service – Definition, Uses, Benefits and More

What is Storage as a Service? Storage as a Service (STaaS) is your solution for streamlined storage management without the upfront costs. As an organization, you subscribe to cloud storage from a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), allowing on-demand access to...

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Seamless VMware Migration to AWS EC2 with KELYN Technologies

Seamless VMware Migration to AWS EC2 with KELYN Technologies

Are you looking to migrate your VMware workloads to AWS EC2 seamlessly? KELYN Technologies offers a comprehensive and efficient migration solution. Leveraging best practices and advanced software tools, KELYN ensures accurate and timely migrations with minimal downtime. Key features include live conversion of VMware instances, continuous replication for ongoing synchronization, and a cloud-based deployment approach that eliminates the need for additional hardware. Our step-by-step process, from snapshot creation to EC2 conversion, guarantees a smooth transition. Trust KELYN Technologies for your VMware to AWS EC2 migration and experience a hassle-free, cost-effective migration journey.

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Veritas Cohesity Merger – Concerns with Data Protection, Resilience and Ransomware Vulnerably

Veritas Cohesity Merger – Concerns with Data Protection, Resilience and Ransomware Vulnerably

In the dynamic realm of data protection and management, recent industry developments have sparked a wave of uncertainty and apprehension. The merger between Veritas and Cohesity, while touted as a strategic move towards consolidation, has left many organizations grappling with unanswered questions and looming doubts about the future of their data resilience strategies.

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Customer Feedback

Amazing Customer Service

Great Technical Knowledge

“Tim and Ryan are always quick to respond and easy to work with. They have great technical knowledge and have always solved my problems.”

-Large Aerospace Organization

High Five

Anytime I have called for support, no matter how trivial it seems (as a newbie to CommVault products), my questions have been answered and my issues have been resolved. High five to the team!

-Large Energy Organization

Thank You

“Thanks for always being there to work my issues in a timely manner.”

-Large Aerospace Organization

Office 365

“KELYN Technologies is definitely meeting/exceeding our expectations concerning Office 365. Knowing we have the confidence and experience behind us, when we need it, is most important.”

-Business Consulting Firm

Best Support Team

“Backups are going very well, haven’t had any significant issues. The support team is the best. Everyone I’ve worked with (Chris, Tim, Ryan, and Frank) is really knowledgeable and very responsive. Also, very friendly. I like that it’s a small group, so it seems more personal. It’s nice to deal with the same people rather than a different person every time like you would with a larger organization. “

-Large Aerospace Organization

Best Support

“Our backups have been fantastic and went very well. I find great value in your service because of the effectiveness, the security and the accessibility between our team and yours.”

-Large Scientific Organization

Best Support

“Our backups are going very well with no complaints. Your support team of engineers are very easy to work with. The most important value of your service to our organization is your responsiveness.”

-Large Health Organization

Best Support

“The past year went well with our backups. The personal touch from KELYN’s associates is stellar.”

-Public School District

Best Support

“KELYN is very, very helpful and I like that I know the people I’m calling when I have a question. ”

-Large Health Agency

Best Support

“Everyone I’ve dealt with has always been very responsive and knowledgeable.  Having dealt with support from other organizations I’d say KELYN engineers are probably the best ”

-Large Aerospace organization

Best Support

“KELYN Technologies is definitely meeting/exceeding our expectations concerning Office 365.  Knowing we have the confidence and experience behind us, when we need it, is most important.”

-Business Development Company