Our CTO Ryan Lake was invited to participate in a recent roundtable talk called the Cloud Exchange 2023, hosted by Federal News Network (FNN). Joining Ryan on the panel included cloud experts and friends of KELYN from AWS and Commvault. FNN’s Jason Miller led the conversation, where he asked the panelists to share their insights on the evolving strategies for successful digital transformation. While most government agencies have done some initial  work implementing cloud adoption, many are still working through this process.

You can watch the 15+ minute recorded Cloud Exchange discussion here.

Below is a quick summary of some of key points from Ryan Lake of KELYN, Richard Breakiron of Commvault and Sean Phupanich of AWS.

Tactic 1: Understand Your Current Infrastructure

KELYN Technologies CTO Ryan Lake, emphasized the importance of understanding the current infrastructure. Agencies have a variety of applications, some of which are easier to move to the cloud than others. Commercial off-the-shelf applications, for instance, may require more resources to migrate, especially if they are no longer supported by their vendors. Lake also highlighted the reality that some mission-critical applications may need to remain on-premise for the foreseeable future. The key is to develop strategies and services that can make these applications as resilient and “cloudified” as possible.

Tactic 2: Develop a Savvy Team

Richard Breakiron, Commvault Senior Director for Strategic Initiatives for Americas Public Sector, pointed out the need for a skilled and experienced team that understands both on-premise and cloud environments. He highlights the importance of working with a seasoned managed service provider like KELYN to maximize the value AWS and Commvault offer. The challenge lies in building a team that can bridge the gap between on-premise and cloud knowledge, while enabling AWS and Commvault to work as a unified solution.

Tactic 3: Spend Time Upfront on Planning

Sean Phupanich, AWS Principal Solutions Architect, stressed the importance of thorough planning. Given the unique nature of each application and system, adequate planning is a key success factor for agencies. The cloud environment offers a plethora of tools and the benefit of economies of scale, making it an ideal platform for modernization and innovation.

In conclusion, the panelists agreed that a successful digital transformation recipe involves a thorough understanding of the current infrastructure, developing the right cloud team, and investing time in upfront planning. By following these steps, agencies can harness the full benefits of cloud technology.