KELYN VMware Migration to AWS

Migrating data from VMware to AWS EC2 can be a daunting task, but with KELYN Technologies, you have a reliable partner that ensures a smooth and efficient transition. Leveraging best practices and engineering expertise, KELYN Technologies facilitates seamless migration of workloads, making the complex process simple and stress-free.

The KELYN Advantage

KELYN Technologies stands out by utilizing advanced software tools and methodologies that guarantee not only accurate migrations but also timely completions. Here’s why KELYN Technologies is the perfect choice for your VMware to AWS EC2 migration:

Live Conversion and Continuous Replication. KELYN’s cutting-edge solutions enable live conversion of VMware instances directly to EC2, eliminating intermediate steps to ensure speed and accuracy. The Live Sync feature allows for continuous replication of on-premises VMware virtual machines to AWS EC2, ensuring ongoing synchronization with minimal downtime during the migration process. This continuous replication capability is pivotal in reducing disruptions and maintaining business continuity.

Cloud-Based Deployment. KELYN Technologies employs a cloud-based deployment approach that removes the need for significant hardware investments or major modifications to your existing infrastructure. This simplifies the migration process and reduces associated costs and complexities. With KELYN, you can avoid the hassle of additional hardware or appliances, making your transition to AWS EC2 smooth and cost-effective.

Comprehensive Workload Migration. KELYN provides a holistic solution for migrating workloads from on-premises VMware infrastructure to AWS EC2. Their expertise ensures that every aspect of the migration is handled efficiently, from initial planning to execution and post-migration support. The ability to perform live conversions directly to EC2, coupled with continuous replication, ensures that your workloads are accurately transferred without any loss of data or integrity.

Effortless VMware to AWS EC2 Migration with KELYN Technologies
    1. Snapshot Creation and Mounting: A snapshot of your VMware environment is taken and mounted to the Datastor proxy.
    2. Data Communication and Storage: The proxy communicates with data movers in the cloud, storing the deduplicated data in an S3 bucket.
    3. EBS Direct Write Conversion: Through EBS direct write, Datastor performs the conversion process from VMware to EC2.
    4. Multi-Account EC2 Conversion: EC2 conversion can be executed into multiple accounts within AWS, offering flexibility and scalability.
    5. Single Console Management: All these steps are managed from a single console, streamlining the entire migration process and ensuring ease of use.

Why Choose KELYN Technologies?

Choosing KELYN Technologies means opting for a partner that prioritizes your business needs, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. Our proven track record and expertise in data management, backup, and recovery make KELYN the ideal choice for migrating VMware workloads to AWS EC2. With KELYN, you can be confident that your migration will be handled with precision, speed, and reliability.

In summary, KELYN Technologies provides a robust and comprehensive solution for VMware to AWS EC2 migration, making it the right partner for your business. Trust KELYN Technologies to deliver seamless, efficient, and cost-effective migration services.

Datasheet Download: KELYN Technologies Enables VMware Migration to AWS EC2