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KELYN Technologies &
The Missile Defense Agency (MDA)


Data protection is paramount in our digital age. It’s vital for U.S. defense agencies where the security, backup, and swift recovery of data could have national security implications. Enter KELYN Technologies, a titan in IT services, specializing in safeguarding critical data.


KELYN Technologies

At the forefront of data protection, backup, and recovery, KELYN Technologies has carved out a reputation for its trusted services, tailored to a variety of industries’ unique challenges. KELYN’s services are built upon a foundation of customer-centric approaches backed by a fleet of KELYN engineers and certified technical professionals.

Missile Defense Agency (MDA)

MDA, an arm of the United States Department of Defense, bears the weighty responsibility of developing a multi-layered defense against ballistic missiles. With roots tracing back to the 1983 Strategic Defense Initiative, the agency continually collaborates with different defense components to augment its capabilities.


MDA, initially relying on Veritas’s NetBackup, found the system increasingly unwieldy. Requiring two full-time employees for management, coupled with a dated user interface, the software became an impediment. This gave rise to the pressing need for an efficient, streamlined solution that would inspire confidence in swift data restoration.

Meeting MDA’s demanding requirements is no easy task. The challenges KELYN faced include backup and restore-ready of MDA’s data, which includes massive amounts of file type block storage (petabytes of data across multiple sites and security domains), hundreds of hosts, thousands of objects for ESXi, thousands of virtual machines (VMs) across bare metal and cloud environments. The strict security needs of MDA require the backup and recovery solution to operate seamlessly across dozens of security domains, with an expectation of extremely fast restorations, when needed.


KELYN Technologies, after rigorous evaluation, deployed its KMDS solution (KELYN Managed Data Services) to cater to MDA’s on- premise storage, backup, and disaster recovery requirements. Built upon Commvault’s Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions, KMDS not only addressed immediate challenges but was scalable for future needs.

Over time, MDA has begun to leverage cloud storage, and KELYN can support this effort as well with its solution, which also uses Commvault. Data movement, especially into the cloud, is a heavy lift and can be expensive. KELYN’s and Commvault can deliver a solution that makes data agnostic across multiple environments, which makes data movement easier, faster and lowers the overall cost of data migration.

The collaboration evolved, with KELYN assisting MDA in transitioning data storage and recovery to AWS’s secure cloud solutions.


KELYN’s distinct managed service model
ensures unparalleled data restore speed and precision. The company’s Fully Managed Service integrates seamlessly with MDA’s internal IT team. This unique relationship empowers KELYN to proactively manage backup and storage, which enables MDA IT staff to focus on other tasks.


What traditionally might take other organizations 6-12 months to migrate data from an old backup and recovery platform to KELYN was achieved in a staggering 6 weeks. This speed didn’t sacrifice on quality. KELYN’s focus on proactive management enabled MDA to free up IT staff to other pressing tasks.


Beyond swift implementation, KELYN’s solution has demonstrated its resilience and efficiency repeatedly. The deep technical proficiency of KELYN engineers allows them to instill industry best practices that save MDA both time and effort.

“We require a lot when it comes to restorations. When these events occur, the team is under non-stop pressure internally to successfully complete the restore as fast as possible,” said Michael Bayron, Senior Storage Engineer. “Our last restoration included 16 terabytes of file server data, and KELYN delivered in 16 hours. Previously, a similar restore took over three days . The speed of restoration by KELYN is extremely valuable and greatly appreciated.”

MDA Modernization and the Cloud

With an eye on the future, KELYN is working with MDA to further move data backup and recovery solutions to the cloud. KELYN’s solution delivers rigorous data protection, combining Commvault’s capabilities with AWS’s scalable cloud storage, all under the vigilant watch of KELYN’s certified engineering teams.


In an era where data is as valuable as gold, KELYN Technologies emerges as the gold standard for data protection. KELYN’s ongoing collaboration enhances MDA’s backup and recovery capabilities through specialized expertise, continual technology updates, and dedication to delivering superior customer service. As the primary takeaway: KELYN guarantees peace of mind in data recovery, letting organizations focus on their core functions.

“Working with KELYN has been phenomenal. Our relationship with KELYN not only freed up more FTE so that the IT staff can focus on other projects and duties but gave us a solution that is easy to handle, easy to navigate and easy to implement and restore quickly.”
– Michael Bayron, Senior Storage Engineer.